Signals vs. Noise

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5 Responses to Signals vs. Noise

  1. André says:

    Though … due to ongoing efforts on cutting down costs in the public sector, reality is tending to “Not Ok”. Without anyone needing to turn up the volume on the car stereo.

  2. Stripe says:

    Look for my new album, perfect at any volume, “Songs Sung in Semaphore”.

    I think I heard somewhere that the first ambulances didn’t have sirens, and had to use smoke signals. Perhaps budget shortfalls will bring that back.

    In a related story, due to financial constraints, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off.

  3. Westicle says:

    I can’t say I’m not guilty. But it’s not like I don’t have my eyes on my rear-view mirror consistently, and I’m always paying attention. The car stereo is just about the only place I can get full surround sound, though. Headphones don’t do it like a car stereo does.

    And, it’s not booming rap/hip-hop that wakes everybody up at midnight. That’s a plus, right?

  4. Rob says:

    I agree, the second chart is not OK. It’s AWESOME!!

  5. Cheshire says:

    That’s why I use my eyes to have spatial awareness. I can spot flashing emergency lights for miles..