Play nice or play by yourself.

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9 Responses to Play nice or play by yourself.

  1. Benjamin D says:

    One could play nice and still be playing by oneself.

  2. Arthur says:

    Until my parents taught me why it so often happens I felt sorry for those oldsters in geriatric warehouses who receive no visitors. Now that I know why it happens I feel sorry for those who have reason not to visit them.

    • guest says:

      meaning you are sorry that they have a reason not to visit them and you think they are right not to or that they should visit even if they have a reason not to?

      • Arthur says:

        It’s the former meaning. An example in a nutshell: Becoming a parent does not mitigate (let alone cure) psychopathy or personality disorder.

  3. Karoline says:

    *ahahaa* great! I prefer no one comes visit me in my retirement home, because all they ever do is make trouble and when something breaks, they keep making excuses..

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  5. Bogey says:

    unless this kind of behavior is stopped by the age of 12

  6. msbpodcast says:

    How about “Be Broke”?

    That’s the surest way to be left alone in America.