Ladies on the move.

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5 Responses to Ladies on the move.

  1. katinka says:

    Another label for the intersection of this diagram would be “mid-level bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.” I saw at least 15 of these at work today. :)

  2. april says:

    This is the most evocative indexed for a long time.

  3. Shsch says:

    I don’t get it??

  4. tahrey says:

    Me either. Maybe a local thing?

  5. Ethan says:

    I’m pretty sure this one can be figured out easily. It’s clearly about a business woman rushing somewhere in her sneakers instead of heels. Her briefcase on wheels refers to the kind of wheeled luggage that make it easier to tote your stuff around. Now for the hose part. Either a firehose has flooded her car, or she’s wearing pantyhose that are parked a tad too high up the crotch. But that’s just my guess.