The deer came back.

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5 Responses to The deer came back.

  1. johanges says:

    In the case of Detroit I agree that it is a circular feedback system, but in the case of Pripyat, once everybody left (after a “slight” delay) all remaining systems stopped once and for all.

    What’s left is a city looking like it is the set for a The End of Civilisation movie, and some wildlife. We can argue if glow-in-the-dark-deer are natural or not.

    Not much of a feedback cycle there.


    PS Don’t step in the dog poop. The roaming packs of dogs and other high end predators pop enriched nuclear waste. Just toss the shoes, you’ll never be able to scrape all of the plutonium off.

    PPS Oh! Look, wild apples! Want one?

  2. I’m a PhD student working on postapocalyptic literature and folklore, and I have to attest to how accurate this one is! Just think in geologic time and suddenly everything makes a little more sense.

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  4. Tiffany Carson says:

    See also: Jurassic Park

  5. ColPowell says:

    Japan+Tsunami+Nuclear Reactors…
    Levies+Impending Floods…