As you can see, he loves his work.

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12 Responses to As you can see, he loves his work.

  1. justmike says:

    So many adolescent jokes can be made with some 2 simple edits.

    (ok, so kill me)

  2. André says:

    There is a saying over here in Germany to “never trust a thin cook’s food” …

  3. Ed Cohen says:

    i think mario batalli proves this theory true.

  4. dave cortesi says:

    Pt. B could be labelled “Mario Batali”…

  5. Lauren B. says:

    André that is so true! This reminds me of the time that I went to a vegan restaurant. The chef was thin and the food may have been healthy, but it had no flavor at all. What is the point of eating food that does not have an enjoyable taste.

  6. Sofa Spud says:

    Giada De Laurentiis gives lie to this graph… as does, in my opinion, Cat Cora; but it fits Rachel Ray perfectly, she’s on the downward slope from Point A to the center of the graph.