A fragment of an underdone potato.

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8 Responses to A fragment of an underdone potato.

  1. Ben H says:

    I LOVED that movie.

  2. TBerculosis says:

    I’m not sure a potato ever gave me a nightmare. Brussel sprouts yes, a potato, no.

  3. Dee Y. says:

    Loved how you quoted Christmas Carol.

  4. tushar says:

    my money’s on the undigested bit of beef.

  5. Nebulous says:

    I refer a nice, classic Rarebit myself.
    The McCay recipe

  6. Alex says:

    Sorry for being picky, but the graph is not labeled properly.

    The y-axis should be labeled something like “strangeness of foods eaten at dinner”. The y-axis could then be labeled “probability of nightmares”.

    Apart from that, I concur. :)

  7. Alex says:

    (Oops … could you correct my previous post to say “x-axis” in the first sentence. Then delete this one. Thanks!)

  8. Yes! Yes! I recently ate a meal of pork roast and bacon that was covered in barbecue sauce and then went to bed. I woke up at way too early with gas and the aftertaste of nightmares. It was HORRIBLE.