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21 Responses to Thoughtfulness.

  1. JoĆ£o says:

    So true! :)

  2. Tom says:

    Very smart, thank you

  3. Kari says:

    I want to send this to every boyfriend I’ve ever had!

  4. hhum says:

    What do you mean by She will thank you ?

  5. Yes. This would be a great card to hand out to boyfriends, if the distribution of said card wouldn’t constitute a request in an of itself.

  6. parahacker says:

    Nice myth. Unfortunately, it isn’t 100% true. For boyfriends or girlfriends.

    Still, I suppose it’s true enough. Just don’t be blind enough to think this is all it takes to earn someone’s love.

  7. Ha. Brilliant distinctions. I’m printing this one out for the waiting room. :)

  8. walen says:

    *results may very, void where prohibited.

  9. Trixy says:

    This morning I was saying about the same thing to my BF. I just showed him this indexed…. I hope he finally gets it….. hahhahha

  10. Yuli says:

    Good point, but there is still something about this that is upsetting. I suppose it depends upon whether the person that you are giving kind gestures to swims in the shallow end of the emotional pool.

  11. Enrique E. says:

    Replace “kind” for “romantic” and “she” for “he” and you’ve got the male version.

  12. CNR says:

    Funny how this card would not be witty if the “she” were replaced with a “he”. Why do women need to be catered to for the most inane little things? I’d rather be thanked for accomplishing something of note rather than doing some trifle for no other reason than to stroke a woman’s ego.

    • Leigha says:

      So you’re saying that when you’re in a relationship, you don’t want kind gestures and view them as inane?

      Hmm. That’s…interesting. I view them as sweet and caring. I mean, it could be because I’m just a girl, but I try and do nice things for my boyfriend all the time, because I love him. Silly me, I should know better than to do something meaningless like that.

    • Karilyn says:

      You assume that gestures have to be things that are bought.

      It could just be still saying I love you regularly after 10 years of marriage, and taking the person’s hand once in a while in yours… A hug, a kiss, once in a while. Seems like I never receive any affection anymore unless he wants something out of me.

      I feel so lonely these days… It makes me sad that I’m actually thinking of finally leaving him ._.

  13. Ben says:

    Why is this just for boyfriends? I agree with the sentiment, but it seems like it goes both ways. I appreciate kindness, too.

  14. DesertP says:

    It’s called a one-way street. Doesn’t work for anyone. And by “thank you” it means “why yes, thank you for that kind gesture, no I won’t reciprocate”. XD

    • Leigha says:

      I interpret it to mean that if you do something nice of your own accord, she’ll love you for it. If you neglect to do anything nice to the point where she has to ask for it, and you still don’t do it, she’ll leave you. If she asks, and you do it, she’ll thank you, but it won’t mean as much as if you’d done it on your own.

  15. fireflight says:

    I dare believe you’ve nailed a key to sustaining relationships. It works for both men and women. Thank you.

  16. Stripe says:

    Relationships are like sewers: What you get out of them depends on what you put in to them. Which is why this card works for women, men, love, friendship and Christmas Gifting.

    That last made all the simpler, now that I can send an Indexed T-Shirt to everyone I know. Each person has at least a few perfect matches here, so it’s really just a matter of choosing the right card/shirt for each person. Brilliant! And no, I wasn’t paid to post this, or even given a free t-shirt (Stress vs. Irons in Fire, Size Large would be splendid, SuperThanks).
    Love the new layout!

  17. annerae says:

    What’s wrong with doing something nice simply for the sake of doing something nice? No thanks required.

  18. jr says:

    this assumes that everytime she asks you to do something nice and you do it, that you will be thanked. hmmm…