Feast, famine, or function.

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6 Responses to Feast, famine, or function.

  1. april says:

    As someone who is currently experiencing the unpleasant transition from B to A, I thoroughly endorse this message, er, index card.

  2. Aren’t the axes backward in this one? Isn’t exertion the independent variable and consummation the dependent one?

    If not, then someone please explain the joke ot me. (I’m serious) Thanks.

    -Tim, Math Major -but that was a long time ago

  3. AC says:


    Neither axis is dependent on the other; you can vary your consumption regardless of the quantity of exercise and vicea versa.

    Exerting a great deal of effort on minimal calorific intake will cause problems, however.


  4. Stripe says:

    If you’re Hungry…and you Feel Hollow…
    just Grab a Tube…and Squeeze, and Swallow!


  5. fnord says:

    @Tim Math Major:
    I believe the word you want is consumption.
    The juxtaposition of “exertion” and “consummation” did make me look twice, though…funny.

    I’m not sure either is a dependent variable. What bothers me is that the two graphs cross, infering that both sick and well occur simultaneously at that point. Better to make A two fixed points rather than a line? Picky I know.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Oh my god this is currently happening to me. Whenever I’m sick I can’t do anything yet crave crap like McDonalds!