Maybe is in the middle.

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10 Responses to Maybe is in the middle.

  1. M. Katz says:

    I’m thinking of an inverse plot between Hesitation (x) and Bravery (y).

  2. alkeela says:

    @ M. Katz : I think the same

  3. tomas says:

    for plotting bravery (y) against hesitation (x) i’d rather have y really low for really low x, then growing rapidly as x grows until a certain point when it decreases again. somewhat like y=(x/2)^2*e^(-x/2) for x>0
    (see^2*e^-%28.5x%29%2C+x%3E0 if you can’t do it in your head ;) )

  4. Stripe says:

    Should I comment? Maybe I should wait.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love your simple ones.

  6. Nike says:

    Just do it.

  7. letsgraph says:

    yep, just do it like NIKE !!!

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