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10 Responses to Rangers.

  1. Mandaliet says:

    Lesbians are middle-class?

  2. Wisper says:

    Square it out:

    High Blue Collars/Low Pickup Trucks: Pennsylvanian Civil War Reenactment

    Low Blue Collar/Low Pickup Trucks: Goldman Sachs Company Picnic

  3. Wisper says:

    Btw… is there way to search Indexed?

    I coulda sworn I saw a complex chart (like a Heptogram but maybe bigger) with related to corporate buzzwords.

    Ive browsed through every category I can think of, and I found the 7 Deadly Sins chart (Brilliant!) but cant find the one I saw way back when….

  4. CJ says:

    If lesbians are middle class, that’s news to little dyke me. And it’s 2010 – aren’t we over the all-lesbians-are-mannish-women-with-trucks stereotype yet?

  5. Pjotr says:

    Yes, CJ, we are.. that doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth a chuckle

  6. Wisper says:

    Thank you JC! Thats exactly the one I was looking for.

  7. Distortion says:

    Have you been watching The Amazing Race?

  8. Distortion says:

    This season has a team of cowboys and a team of lesbians.

  9. CW says:

    I’m a lesbian and I drive a Ford Ranger. Guilty as charged! :P