Wake up, wake up!

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11 Responses to Wake up, wake up!

  1. ZokWobblefotz says:

    What would a -A be?

  2. now there’s a dream even freud wouldn’t want to hear about.

  3. Ray Ray says:

    Haha! why were they playing scrabble?

  4. Zev says:

    Wondering the same about -A …=X

    Is this because when you open your eyes the clowns dissapear ?

  5. Jacob says:

    @Zev: The clowns don’t disappear, just the scrabble board.

  6. shsch says:

    I agree with ZokWobblefotz, what’s in the set -A e.g. all dreams except those with clowns playing Scrabble?

    ps Is this a Bergmanian image?

  7. JosieDaClown says:

    Shouldn’t Dreams be evenly split between Eyes Open and Eyes Closed – how can you dream without one or the other?

  8. Stripe says:

    What, no diagram today? Oh, I get it. You are sleeping in. Wake up! Wake up!

  9. Someone says:

    Daydreaming and sleeping dreams. -A means normal people don’t daydream about scary clowns playing scrabble.

  10. jmnf says:

    we miss you!
    hope you’re good and running and jumping.
    just remember we miss you.

  11. Jen says:

    I’m normal, just tried to daydream about scary clowns playing scrabble…. it wasn’t pretty…. *shudder*