And naked ladies turn into Christmas trees.

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19 Responses to And naked ladies turn into Christmas trees.

  1. M.X.F. says:

    And there’s another visual that I could’ve lived an entirely satisfactory life without enduring. However, as usual, I cannot argue with your equation.

  2. trillian42 says:

    And therein lies the importance of carefully choosing the location of a tattoo. :)

  3. efdesign98 says:

    !C if the tattoo is applied at age 50. I started getting my tattoos at age 55. They still look good…

  4. I am Jack's username says:

    55 year old+tattoo+50 years=maggots as big as Australia

  5. HowardBollixter says:

    So, life’s continuum puncuated at either end by nebulous blobs, i.e., all babies look like Winston Churchill.

  6. pi3832 says:

    Where are the naked ladies? I feel mislead.

  7. Bonnie Beavers says:

    I am 50. And my butterfly tattoo looks like one of those scary demon birds in The Fog.

  8. jwp says:

    it’s all talk here – where is the photo evidence?

  9. Mike says:

    Hey! Where’s the graph? Algebra sucks.

  10. dves says:

    wellm this is originated in Australia 50 year ago. :-)

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  12. ref01 says:

    or lets make it:
    a= mouse tattoo
    b= pregnancy
    c= rat tattoo

  13. Mercy says:

    I’ve never liked tattoos at all… In my opinion, people look far better without them.

  14. Llama says:

    Just goes to show you shouldn’t live in ausie…

  15. ~j~ says:

    My tat has never quite looked like what is was supposed to be — an Asian dragon and a lotus. I’ve been told it either looks like a) the Big Bad Wolf or b) my German Shepherd eating a plate of nachos. Sigh…

  16. Lynette says:

    Like I told a friend in college who wanted a dolphin tattoo on her breast: “Think about it. You get pregnant, that dolphin becomes a whale. You get old, it’s an eel. Put the tat somewhere else.”

  17. problem77 says:

    It’s not so easy to get pregnant.

  18. fireflight1 says:

    That’s what she said.

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