Sure, sure.

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10 Responses to Sure, sure.

  1. Chaz says:

    My only question is, why the slight curve to the line?

  2. RebJ says:

    Don’t get it. Please explain!

  3. bryce says:

    oh my god! it’s pauline hanson on my internets!

  4. Sarah Horton says:

    Is there any chance you’re talking about Paul Newman in The Hudsucker Proxy with your enigmatic title?

  5. Gareth says:

    You trust the actor, but he’s a big fake (he’s always acting out a role),

    The jerk is true to his character (very authentic) but you don’t trust him,

    With companies, trust is proportional to how much they misrepresent the truth (or: the more they spend on PR the less you trust them),

  6. Mike says:

    “why the slight curve to the line?”

    The letter ‘B’ is a little too serious for the line and the line is avoiding it. It’s probably a commitment issue.

  7. Zarchne says:

    “why the slight curve to the line?”

    Obviously because for companies, d(trust)/d(authenticity) is also correlated to authenticity.

  8. Isherwood says:

    The curve typically indicates a non-linear correlation; i.e. more authenticity generates an increasingly trusting relationship.

  9. eigenvector says:

    How about “serious company” are the people I prefer to have as friends?