The strength to hop trains to nowhere.

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18 Responses to The strength to hop trains to nowhere.

  1. qka says:

    What, no roadkill?

  2. larubbio says:

    I think a Wild Turkey could take a hobo in a fight. They are pretty nasty. I would have gone with possum, the other white meat. Or if it’s a southern hobo, armadillo, aka possum on the half shell.

  3. MS says:

    is that an actual wild turkey or Wild Turkey bourbon? I think either one works…

  4. n0mia says:

    I’m fairly certain she meant Wild Turkey bourbon.

  5. DomPrez says:

    @ qka:

    the card is actually labbled “Roadkill” on the back

  6. Strayhiker says:

    Tastes like chicken…

  7. GATES says:

    Oh Jess you’ve outdone yourself with this one.

  8. Chaz says:

    Considering “Turkey” is capitalized and “stew” is not, I’m assuming bourbon. And I think that’s all that’s required to muster the guts to hop a train to nowhere, ha!

  9. hepworth says:

    I’d really like to know what’s in the overlap between pigeon and squirrel, and where I can buy one.

  10. Liz says:

    new idea for a mixed drink?

  11. Liss says:

    i had to stop and leave a comment since my plans tonight involve Wild Turkey…pigeons and squirrels, though? we’ll see.

  12. Phreesh says:

    Another good one.

    The missing bits:

    Pigeon/Squirrel – Obscure underground gambling sport

    Pigeon/Wild Turkey – Forbidden love

    Wild Turkey/Squirrel – North Korean genetics experment

  13. Bret says:

    squirrel – pigeon = little known DC comics super hero team that never got off the drawing board.

  14. Zvi says:

    Pigeon/Wild Turkey = very drunk pigeon.

    Wild Turkey/Squirrel = ( 2 x WildTurkey )/( 2 x Squirrel ) = Dick Cheney on a hunting trip = ( Bang! + Ouch )

  15. bryce says:

    imo, hobo drinking wild turkey = not that poor for a hobo.

  16. Mike says:

    Are you planning on going somewhere?

  17. TO says:

    Hey, I’m really glad I found your blog. It’s refreshingly clever! I draw on notecards as well for my blog, but they tend to be comic strip type of drawings. I really like what you’re doing and am excited to peruse some more of your creations

  18. agm says:

    I hear Garrison Keillor reading the title to this one in a powdered milk biscuits commercial.