Even worse if they’re turned on.

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15 Responses to Even worse if they’re turned on.

  1. Laminar says:

    The “That’s What She Said” part of my brain hoped the title had something to do with people.

  2. I think of them as “Winter Lights” and leave them on as long as there is snow on the ground. Luckily, I have no need for online dating profiles.

  3. Sally says:

    Lucky for us my dad is pretty good about taking the lights down shortly after New Year’s. Living in Southern California, we don’t have snow cover to justify leaving them up until March!

  4. becca says:

    seriously. take down the lights already!

  5. Jason says:

    If I took down my Christmas lights now, I’d have to procrastinate about putting them back up until next spring.

  6. Mike says:

    I do unplug the lights but why undo something you’ll just have to do again next year???? Next thing you know you’ll want people to put their lawnmower away!

  7. HowardBollixter says:

    Ouch! That one stings. And I don’t do xmas…

  8. Jake says:

    Lol, so true ><

  9. Jill Anderson says:

    This is hysterical. I’m posting it to my FB page now.

  10. Ember says:

    No no no, these aren’t Christmas lights, they’re HALLOWEEN lights.

    And Easter lights…

    … Nevermind.


  11. Drew says:

    My uncle has left his lights up for 3 years. When I asked why he said “I turn them on when I feel sad and lonely”.
    Then I felt bad for immediately changing the topic.

  12. Ashley says:


    Your ass

  13. Phreesh says:

    This one’s great!

  14. Matthew says:

    I just cancelled my chemistry.com account after seeing this, as it made me cry, on the inside.

  15. tasha says:

    How do you come up with these;
    they seem so simple and most of us have probably thought of this, yet we simply do not organize it sensibly and comically as you do.

    very nice.