The cute beggars get more coin.

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13 Responses to The cute beggars get more coin.

  1. Phreesh says:

    More Gold

    The missing bits:

    Wit and charm – “Just friends”

    Wit and good looks – “Why does she stay with him?”

    Good looks and charm – “One night stand”

  2. Stripe says:

    Yeah, the guy with the puppy by the freeway makes BANK. I’ve seen his roll. The crusty old drunk with the american flag on his hat does all right, too. All of those guys just leave the food in a pile behind a barricade; they don’t need that used hand-out chow. The beggars do just fine, cute or stinky.

  3. Bret says:

    Its all about me.

  4. Andrea says:

    So true. There is this young guy down on Bloor in Toronto that fashioned a fishing rod out of a stick and a Styrofoam cup. He says he is fishing for “life’s change.” Wit – Check. Ability to use charming phrases like “I was looking for change but you’re worth way more” without sounding creepy – Check. And yah, ok, he’s cute in a scruffy Aragorn from LOTR way.

  5. demon says:


    fuckin A mate. i think i actually enjoyed your additions more than what was on the index card today. no offense jess

  6. (x, why?) says:

    Guy on the “D” train for years ago had the wit and the charm. Also asked that if you didn’t have any change, please have a smile. A few months later, he started looking better, so it must have been paying off.

    A few months after that … never saw him again.

  7. Kortney says:

    I met a guy on the subway in Korea once with glasses made out of the bottom of bottles and held together with gold craft rope and scotch tape. He kinda looked like a bug but he was SUPER cute. And funny! He kept trying to sell me sewing needles and when I told him I didn’t need any, he said, “You buy from me, I feed my family, we make world peace.” And then he blabbered on incoherently using pretty much every English word he knew. My boyfriend and I loved him instantly so we bought his needles and took a picture with him. He’s always stayed with me since then. Good post!!

  8. hisllama says:

    Slumdog Millionaire does actually have a shred of truth to it. The beggar kids make more money by using their cute innocent looks to get more money.
    Happens all the time in India

  9. Marcus W says:

    From X-Why’s testimonial, it seems that having all three criteria is a ticket to nowhere’s-ville in panhandling — if you’re talking about bum longevity, I mean. One may find he has Oscar Wilde-ed his way into a paying job. Beware these pitfalls, hobos!

    Or perhaps he’s begged his way into a promotion. Going from retail to wholesale provides a better income with less public contact.

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  11. (x, why?) says:

    I’m thinking it was a ticket out of panhandling and his life had turned around.

  12. huit says:

    i want that shirt

  13. Xander says:

    perhaps, i might point out, in our society attractiveness might require hunger? or, at least, stereotypical attractiveness…

    just something to think about.