High school.

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9 Responses to High school.

  1. Isherwood says:

    Nah. College, maybe. Our high school pres was quite a clown.

  2. Pixelation says:

    Are there presidents in high school? We had a principal.

    Still: Made me smile. Good job. :)

  3. yellow says:


  4. Chaz says:

    My coffee mug once nearly won a school election. Took second place, in fact, to the kid that got it. Neither I, nor my mug, did any campaigning — now THAT is grassroots democracy!

  5. So is the class reunion just finished, or still coming up :-)

  6. Jamie says:

    Now, thanks to Facebook, there’s the reunion *before* the reunion. Gaah!

  7. tahrey says:

    yellow: well done. here’s your sign.

  8. Mike says:

    You should have come up with this while Bush was still president. He operated with a high school mentality.

  9. Charlie says:

    Should read quarterback instead of president.