You tell us, in the comments.

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194 Responses to You tell us, in the comments.

  1. pragmatist says:

    A: Lottery Winner
    B: Homeless shelter volunteer

  2. Rob says:

    A: Paris Hilton
    B: College Student

  3. Pete says:

    A. Larry the Cable Guy
    B. Mother Teresa

  4. JA says:

    A-Mayor Bloomberg

  5. Bret says:

    B = Saints
    A = Sinners

  6. Todd Newton says:

    A: College Students
    B: High School Teachers

  7. Clorox says:

    A: Pop musicians
    B: Classical composers

  8. Cathoo says:

    A: “.Com bubble” college drop-out
    B: Scholarship candidate

  9. Radha Mukkai says:

    A – Paris Hilton
    B – Gandhi

  10. Paul Stokell says:

    A = NASCAR
    B = Formula 1 Racing

  11. Brian P says:

    B: The best students studying to join the IT field

    A: The best workers actually in the IT field

  12. Arlen says:

    A. Second-hand suit
    B. Heroin chic

  13. John V says:

    A: Furs
    B: Patched Tweed

  14. LittleBobbyTables says:

    A: Reality TV “Survivors”
    B: Survivors

  15. Grant says:

    A – The Roman Empire
    B – The Roman Republic

  16. Dan says:

    A = Scarlet O’Hara (pre-war)
    B = Scarlet O’Hara (post-war)

    (My first reaction was the Hilton/Gandhi above but Radha Mukkai beat me to it.)

  17. A. Donald Trump
    B. Mother Theresa

  18. Paul C says:

    A: WalMart shopper
    B: WalMart shunner

  19. JT says:

    A) Lifetime politician
    B) Lifetime volunteer

  20. Jen says:

    A: Lives off Daddy
    B: Works for a living

  21. Pooptydoo says:

    A. My boss
    B. Me

  22. Ann Marie says:

    A. Bernie Madoff
    B. Ghandi

  23. Jake says:

    A. Tele-evangelists
    B. Human Rights workers

  24. EmilyP says:

    A. Ted Haggard
    B. Jesus

  25. B= tastefully simple
    A= simply tactless

  26. Ed says:

    A: Most Celebrities
    B: Family Dinner at Christmas

  27. Peter says:

    A. Envy
    B. Pity

  28. Steve says:

    A=talks Christian
    B=acts Christian

  29. David says:

    A: Well-known
    B. Known well

  30. NAustin says:

    A: Too many professional athletes
    B: Too many teachers

  31. cminus says:

    A. Self-made parking garage magnate who buys an earldom.

    B. Sold the earldom to A.

  32. says:

    A. Paris Hilton
    B. The University of California

  33. John Muir says:

    A. Accountant’s client
    B. Accountant’s fiction

  34. A Nony Mouse says:

    A – Wall St.
    B – Main St.

  35. Michael says:

    I just thought it might be an image of direct correlation, and need no further explanation! :)

  36. Namaps says:

    A: Pop musicians
    B: Classical composers

    I’d go with that one, except for quite a few classical composers were very, very wealthy in their day. I’m sure some did live rather sparse lives, but of all the ones for whom I have some knowledge about their personal life, all the well-known classical composers lived pretty posh lives.

  37. Zach says:

    hey, not really submitting, but I think Ghandi rather lacked class. He refused penicillin for his wife and left her to die painfully (then twice accepted western medicine save his own life, appendectomy and I forget), participated as a mercenary in 2 foreign wars (non-violent?), and in his dotage always kept a bunch of young naked women in his bed while shunning his wife.

    I think he just had good p.r. not class.

  38. MorsDei says:

    A: Mother Teresa
    B: People She Only Cared About Converting

  39. Spike says:

    A: Talking the talk
    B: Walking the walk

  40. Bridgett says:

    Wow. Great entries!

  41. Mike says:

    New book coming up. “The Reader’s Index”.

  42. CR says:

    A: Washington, D.C.
    B: The nonprofit sector

  43. Emily says:

    A. Teachers that lecture
    B. Teachers that teach

    (in my experience anyway.)

  44. Andrew says:

    A. The Office of the President of the United States now
    B. The Office of the President of the United States 100 years ago

  45. A. Emperor Caligula
    B. Emperor Norton

    though the best entries by far are Saints/Sinners and Roman Republic/Roman Empire

  46. Dave B says:

    A: Changing your will to make your kids visit
    B: A hobo in a tuxedo

  47. A. Tara Reid
    B. Princess Di

  48. Jonathan says:

    A. Televangelists
    B. Most pastors I know

  49. Charlie says:

    A: Paris Hilton
    B: Concierge at the Paris Hilton

  50. Alec McNayr says:

    A: Bill Gates
    B: My college IT professor

  51. Jane says:

    Title: Audience Self-Insertion

    A: People who ridicule the poor for being poor.
    B: “Me, who ridicules the rich for having more money/opportunities than I. Meanwhile, the last time I helped my fellow man was when I ‘donated’ a dime to the local hobo.”

    **Note: This is not intended to say anything about anyone’s particular post. Just a general trend in how we work.

  52. Bill Mill says:

    A: Dylan
    B: Springsteen

  53. Blogesque says:

    A: Al Sharpton
    B: Martin Luther King

  54. Namaps says:

    “A. The Office of the President of the United States now
    B. The Office of the President of the United States 100 years ago”

    Well, we’ve had some pretty poor presidents in the past as well. Andrew Jackson comes to mind.

    I think the best so far is Roman Empire/Roman Republic

  55. Derek says:

    A: Frappuccino
    B: Cup o’ Joe

  56. Mecha-Shiva says:

    I dunno but I keep picturing a line along the x-axis labeled “school in summer.”

  57. Edinburgh says:

    Ha, I looked at the title and thought something completely different at first glance. I interpreted it as: “based on the comments you make on my comics, I will know how much class and wealth you have.”

  58. WooJoo says:

    A. Pirates
    B. Ninjas

  59. Kati says:

    A. New Money
    B. Old Money

  60. jrm says:

    A. puff daddy
    B. my daddy

  61. Liz says:

    A. Tabloid newspapers
    B. Independent newspapers

  62. Zero says:

    A. Paris Hilton
    B. Wolfgang Mozart

  63. Bill Mill says:

    whoops! I assumed A was on top and B on bottom!

  64. justin says:

    B-public schools
    A-private schools

  65. Scott says:

    A – Fred Thompson
    B – Fred Rogers

  66. Nick Nichols says:

    You can’t get from point A to point B.

  67. Audrey says:

    A = A list
    B = B list

    Money makes the world go round. Class is a spiritual asset. This is the world, therefore… wealth is A list and class is B list.

  68. A=Paris Hilton
    B=(The) Paris Hilton

    Definitely close to Jason’s, above.

  69. ryan says:

    A. New Money
    B. Old Money

  70. joewag says:

    a: american religious institutions
    b: the actually faithful

  71. Kevin says:

    A. Dr. Pepper
    B. Dr. Feelgood

  72. Rob says:

    A: On the Ballot
    B: Waiting in line to vote

  73. Rob says:

    A: “…and I’m a PC”
    B: “Hello, I’m a Mac.”

  74. Rob says:

    A: “PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    B: Jesus

  75. John Dekker says:

    A: The USA
    B: The UK

  76. A: Russian mafia lords
    B: Characters from a Dostoievski book

  77. Hacbarton says:

    A: Tony, my bus driver
    B: Larry, The Cable Guy

  78. Michael says:

    A: Religion
    B: Religious

  79. Adrienne says:

    A. Democrats
    B. Republicans

  80. A. Managers in Real Economy companies
    B. Investment Bankers

  81. Ian says:

    A. Drives a Volvo
    B. Drives a Corvette

  82. Jill says:

    A. Dancing with the Stars contestant
    B. Classical ballet performer

  83. Shelley says:

    A. Religious
    B. Spiritual

  84. Lila says:

    Joe v. Frappuccino is excellent.

    A. Failing CEO’s with bonuses (
    B. Teachers without cost-of-living raises, let alone bonuses.

  85. Miriam says:

    A. The BCS System
    B. University of Utah Football

  86. Mike says:

    A. Republicans
    B. Democrats

  87. I says:

    B: Rogue
    A: 65 gp

  88. Brian F says:

    A: This comment
    B: Your mom

  89. Stephen says:

    “Nick Nichols Says:
    January 2nd, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    You can’t get from point A to point B.”

    Well, someone who was rich enough (and classless enough) to be at point A, but had a change of heart and gave away all that money… would be pretty classy in my book. So I’d say it’s very possible.

  90. Arun says:

    B to A : The journey of most artists !

  91. Fluidly Unsure says:

    Once again, being too specific results in being rather anile (anybody want to graph this?).

    Notice the period? It is obviously a class selector for the Hindu caste system. (CSS = Caste System Selector). I’ll bet the standard is now that today’s street vendors are much wealthier than the Brahmin in a business suit standing next to him.

    namaste dost

  92. Alex Saint says:

    A: Pursuit of wealth
    B: Pursuit of happiness

    A: Hollywood
    B: Broadway
    (relatively, at least)

  93. Scott says:

    A = B: Only in the OC.

  94. A:”Hello, I’m a Mac…”
    B:”…and I’m a PC.”


  95. Greg says:


    A=Fox News; B=C-SPAN?

    You know what, nevermind, that sucked. Strike that one out. By the way, I’m a little behind on the times, but I picked your book up recently. Thanks… hope signs point to another one being made down the road.

  96. Paul says:

    A: Politicians
    B: People I would trust to run the government

  97. JohnLM says:

    Title: When money meets conscience
    A = malevolent
    B = benevolent

  98. Patrick says:

    A: Preps
    B: Nerds
    going off the top-of-the-class, bottom-of-the-class idea, and not the normal ‘class’ thought ;)

  99. Mike says:

    I had to come back and be comment 100. Mark Twain would be proud of you getting all these people to white wash your fence for you.

  100. Kieran says:

    The title: “I’ve got friends in low places” comes to mind . . .

    Nice Twain reference, Mike.

  101. invissnow says:

    Anyone out there with both class and wealth? Point c, I wonder?

  102. Judith says:

    A: Jobs
    B: Woz (relatively speaking)
    A: Gates
    B: Stallman

  103. N says:

    A: Religion
    B: Philosophy

    Now that I’ve offended you, realize that the main reason I say this is the wealth part, as class is far more… disputable.

  104. Robert says:

    A: Entrepreneurs
    B: Intellectuals

  105. (x, why?) says:

    A. a lot of people whom I’d wish to insult.
    B. me.

  106. Fred G says:

    A,B = Basis for a screenplay.

  107. A. pushing for deregulation
    B. pushing for regulation

  108. Jake S says:

    a: Republicans and Democrats
    b: third parties

  109. NRK says:

    I’d be interested to see what people identify with C: a lot of class and a lot of wealth and D: no class and no wealth


    A (no class and a lot of wealth): today’s TV journalists

    B (no wealth and a lot of class): soldiers and the families they’ve left behind

  110. Steve in Jersey says:

    A: Summer blockbuster action flick
    B: Really, really good film

  111. Kyle says:

    A: Beverly Hillbillies
    B: Beverly Hills Cop

  112. Crimson says:

    A: Someone who does what he allways wanted.
    B: Someone who does what his father did.

  113. uber says:

    A = college graduate after going to all classes.

    B = high school drop-out that discovers a useful product, patents it, and then has it stocked at Wal-Mart.

  114. Lauren says:

    A. Detroit CEO’s flying private jets to Washington seeking bailout funds.
    B. Folks carpooling to Washington for the inauguration.

  115. GB says:

    A=Night Stripper
    B=Day Stripper

  116. ScoOPs says:

    a)50 cent
    b)Jerry Garcia

  117. banana says:

    A: five foot tall bouquet of roses
    B: handwritten letter with a rose petal

    A: starbucks
    B: mr. coffee
    C: local coffee shop
    D: “complimentary” coffee

    A: country
    B: indie

  118. matt monkey says:

    A: 4chan

    oh…wait…that would go under zero money, zero class.

  119. JS says:

    A: Buying a penguin to place in a tux-t-shirt
    B: Renting a tux

  120. Fluidly Unsure says:

    A: everybody I can think of
    A: everybody else

  121. Super Lemon says:

    A. inheriting a buck
    B. earning a buck
    C. wisely saving/investing a buck
    D. spending a buck

    BTW: I had to add “wisely” to C. to account for today’s economic landscape

  122. Bina says:

    A: Dishonest
    B: Honest

  123. Marybeth says:

    A. Illinois governors
    B. I didn’t vote for them

  124. tat says:

    A = You
    B = Me

  125. anoy says:

    A: Humvees
    B: Bicycles

  126. James says:

    A. Andrew Jackson
    B. Sequoyah

  127. how about c and d says:

    N Says:
    January 3rd, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    A: Religion
    B: Philosophy

    i was thinking about the same thing, but then again, in some countries Philosophy IS religion.

    A: bankers
    B: volunteers
    c(upper right corner): philanthropists(or whatever the proper way is to spell it)
    d(bottom left corner): raper

  128. chicago dave says:

    A. Foie gras
    B. A duck

  129. CJ says:

    A = Windows
    B = Linux

  130. Gelato says:

    A Lasagne and chianti
    B Sacher and coffee

  131. Nick says:

    A: President of the United States now
    B: President of the United Sates in three weeks

  132. Paddyboy says:

    A: Hollywood Blockbusters
    B: Independent Cinema

    or alternatively

    A: Oscar
    B: Palm d’Or

  133. a386 says:

    B: indie
    A: “indie”

  134. Jot says:

    A: Aborted Nazi Fetus
    B: Regular Aborted Fetus

  135. JustJoe says:

    Touched on before:

    A: Likes to think it’s B.

  136. RT says:

    A: Paris Hilton and such like
    B: Me

  137. Andrew says:

    Politicians and Teachers is a great one

    A: Ordering spaghetti in a 4-star restaurant
    B: Making spaghetti for your friends

  138. A: What we desire.
    B: I hope this is what we truly desire.

  139. James Barbato says:

    A=Hair Metal Guitar Players

  140. James Barbato says:

    A=Hair Metal Guitar Players
    B=Jazz Guitar Players

  141. Chicago Boy says:

    A: Illinios Residents
    B: Rod Blagovich

  142. Gelato says:

    A sex in a crop field
    B sex in a crowdy party

  143. Chicago Boy says:

    Whoops. Reverse that.

    A; Rod Blagovich
    B; Illinios Residents

  144. Dylan says:

    A: Emperor Pilaf
    B: Goku

  145. Dylan says:

    I think that everyone is confusing Class and Wealth with Good and Bad.

  146. Murray says:

    Paris Hilton > A < B

    The most chosen name- not for her wealth but for her lack of class…

  147. A. Star Wars
    B. Firefly/Serenity

  148. Also:
    A: New “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
    B: Old “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

  149. Master Pierce Theater says:

    A. Sex in the City heroines
    B. Jane Austen heroines

  150. Hagy-ographer says:

    This comment thread is evidence, if we needed any, of why so many follow Indexed – and so few can follow suit.

  151. A: Expendable
    B: Dependable

  152. Joey says:

    A: Los Angelites
    B: New Yorkers

  153. Pingback: Indexed (no title or I’ll give it away) (Gary Said...)

  154. CJ says:

    A = the current Madonna
    B = the original Madonna

  155. fingers says:

    A low-class snob plays the B side of Mozart.

  156. fingers says:

    Would have worked better if the letters were switched…

    A high-class hooker walks into a bar….

  157. wrot says:

    A: Matter
    B: Anti-matter

  158. Id says:

    A: Starwars
    B: 2001

  159. Id says:


  160. Id says:

    A: Fox
    B: BBC

  161. Id says:

    A: Divorce
    B: Love

  162. Praful H says:

    A: Work
    B: Time @ College

  163. maid'n says:

    blog writter
    blog reader

    ??? – haha!

  164. Mike D says:

    A – The New York Yankees
    B – The Other 30 Teams

  165. Z says:

    A: former five year old rebel
    B: former five year old teacher’s pet

  166. Brian says:

    A – $10 donation to charity.
    B – $10 donation to charity.

  167. Alex says:

    A and B both represent # of children in a classroom

  168. Ed says:

    A: MBA’s

    B: PhD’s

  169. Nato says:

    as per D&D v3.5 rules

    A: Druid
    B: Rogue

  170. Rob says:

    A – Middle Class
    B – Working Class

  171. Stefan Olsson says:

    A: Russia
    B: Harlem

  172. Evil Scooter says:

    A – B
    B – A

    One who has class is wealthy through their appreciation of what they have.

  173. heebileejeebilee says:

    A (Wealth, but no class) – Bush
    B (Class, but no wealth) – Bartlett

  174. Triss Teh says:


    …referring of course to Siddhartha. For some reason my class during Seminar shot down “leaves” as worse off in the search for Nirvana but I differ. It’s a circle you see, with you on one side and Nirvana on the opposite 180.
    Some people let destiny shape them.
    Some people set their own destiny.
    You could either strive forward or fall backward, but eventually, hopefully, you reach the other side…

  175. Sakimori says:

    I know I’m a good 8 days late with this, but:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 2000TH CARD, INDEXED!! MAY YOU SEE 2000 MORE! (and them more after that, too)

  176. Stefan Sherwood says:

    A = Donating time
    B = Donating money

  177. Stefan Sherwood says:

    Whoops – I got them backwards.

  178. Adrienne says:

    A: Collegeboard
    B: Students who fail Collegeboard exams because they know too much material and get confused

  179. Sam says:

    A: New DBZ live action movie
    B: old school DBZ

  180. brian says:

    a. the north
    b. the south

    a. big businesses
    b. small churches

  181. Misty says:

    A. The outgoing president.
    B. The incoming president.

  182. Scott says:

    A: Hangin’ with a hooker
    B: Hangin’ with my mom

  183. Jimmy Marks says:

    A = Blogs
    B = Maxim

  184. Jimmy Marks says:

    Strike that, reverse it.

  185. Cale Darkkon says:

    HistoricStitcher had the right idea, but maybe

    B: Tastefully simple
    A: Simply tasteless

  186. Benzito says:

    A. Paper Profits / Prophets
    B. Paper Puppets

  187. Daviot44 says:

    A: Hummer Limos
    B: Jazz Bands

  188. Student says:

    A: Politicians Who Cut Education Budgets
    B: Our School Systems
    C (lots of Wealth & Class): High School Dropouts
    D (lacking Wealth & Class): College Graduates

    Both definitions of the word ‘class’ used.

  189. Rebecca says:

    A – How we appear.

    B – How we are.

    Figure it out. You could switch it if you’re pessimistic… or Anti-Western-Society.

  190. Anonymous says:

    A = People who in power.
    B = People who have morals.

  191. Tberculosis says:

    Heh. Lots of comments on this one.