A podcast.

There’s a podcast featuring me and Tom Crawford, a visual thinking champ, over at the VizThink blog. We talk about how simple images can tell stories, and the fun you can have with symbols.

We’ll both (along with a posse of other characters) be at VizThink San Jose in Feb 2009, playing with visuals for storytelling, problem-solving, and trouble-making. If that’s your bag, you should join us.

(Note: yes, I know, I speak very quickly and have a rather high voice. When telemarketers call, I say that my mom isn’t home, and they hang up. Works every time.)

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10 Responses to A podcast.

  1. ToilingAnt says:

    Where exactly is San Hose? :-P

    Love your site, look at it every day in my feed reader!

  2. copaX says:

    All this time and I was oblivious to the fact that you had a book! I must buy it now and correct my oversight!

  3. Mike says:

    Alright, I listened to the whole podcast. Boy, do you owe me. So here’s my requests.
    1. You have to let us have drawings with our comments since they are that important.
    2. Do you know the way to San Jose?
    3. The $3mil / $.50 art piece fits perfectly with an old Wiley cartoon. http://mikenet707.blogspot.com/2006/07/9-blank-canvas.html

    OK the last one wasn’t a request but I still love that cartoon.

  4. mack says:

    I m looking forward to nextupdate!

  5. Vivek says:

    m almost on the way to listen the podcast .
    just a confession to be made–
    The ad placement on this blog ..is pathetic.. i usually come down to the site n see the diagrams ..but then the ads and the placement simply makes it look SAD.
    M taking RSS feeds from now on .

  6. Daniel Muro says:

    @Vivek: Maybe it’s cause I’m using Firefox that I’m not seeing that poor ad placement (just one top banner I see), but imho, Jessica’s Indexed blog has a simple a friendly design. Although, just to get things moving faster, I do receive her talent through RSS feed. It’s a good decission.

    @Mike: Great cartoon! I think there must be this kind of story in every culture, cause it’s a classic.

    @Jessica: English is not my mother tongue, and indeed it’s quite difficult to follow your speech! :D Being fair, I think it’s more for the podcast’s audio/noise quality than anything. I’ll try sticking my ear to the speaker.

  7. Shan says:

    Eww, I hate “Indexed Text”. Tell us about the podcast with a drawing.

  8. Den says:

    Useful site) I found many information to think over))) From Russia with love)

  9. Anon E. Mowse says:

    Nice to hear your thoughts, Jessica. Was that interview as painful as it sounded? Tom Crawford played the absolute lamest interviewer I have ever witnessed. I had to bail several minutes into it. He was so horrible, did he ever explain his complete lack of preparation or involvement in the process?

  10. Austin Kleon says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Great podcast. I think it will stir up a lot of people in the Vizthink community, because you’re right: everybody’s about THE IMAGE. Image, image, image: you get the right image, and you’re set. But it’s really the combination of picture and word that makes Indexed, comics, and most good “visual thinking” powerful.

    I did a little post along the same lines on my blog in reference to the Bristol Palin “baby bump”.

    Your fan,