Throw away the key.

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8 Responses to Throw away the key.

  1. The English Clergyman says:

    This website usually makes my day just that much better. Thank-you, Jessica. I’ve linked you on my blog, fyi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this particular index card isn’t big enough. ‘Grand’ theft indeed but carjackers aren’t the only players involved here that deserve that 96 square feet. [insert social justice theme]

  3. M. Steve Heartsill says:

    How much square feet are required to bury someone six feet under?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Once again a brilliant title.

  5. The Serrano Boy says:

    great post man..!!!

  6. Sol says:

    woman, you mean.

  7. stickler says:

    steve, that would be cubic feet

    “great post, woman!” would sound derogatory. “man” in the sense used does not necessarily suggest gender.

    i thought cells were 8×10

  8. thyme says:

    Why would it sound derogatory if the person is a woman?
    It is a great post!