What is going on?

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9 Responses to What is going on?

  1. can't buy it now says:

    The same thing happened when those gangbanger yellow-jackets moved into our nice neighborhood of God fearing bumblebees.

  2. fat girl says:

    fantastic =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    seems like gentrification should be a flat line. Bitterness rises but the population gets displaced and probably stays at about the same level over all.

  4. jengagne says:

    Honey bees get less bitter?

  5. Geordie Keitt says:

    According to flavor experts, honey is actually very bitter, so with fewer honey bees there is actually less bitterness because there is less honey.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bees are suffering from colony collapse disorder. Many experts believe that back-yard gardeners can help populations by resisting the use of pesticides and planting bee-friendly flowers. See website:

  7. IHasAFlavour says:

    Geordie, please cite your references when making such outlandish statements! Perhaps you mean the remaining flavouring agents in the abscence of the sugars in honey. Flavour scales based purely on chemical activity do not take into account the way the neurological system processes taste. In that respect, sweet can be considered opposed (though not entirely opposite) to bitter, making the graph relatively accurate.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the population gets displaced but trust that there are enough people from the pre-gentrified era to choke on bitterness. I can’t stand when people refer to south harlem as soha – kill me seriously.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This one I just don’t get. Honey bees are bitterer when there’s less of them, while gentrification gets bitterer with more people around?