Happy Leap Day!

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21 Responses to Happy Leap Day!

  1. Hans says:

    dpWhat is the average number of years to get a college degree in the USA?

  2. Jack says:

    Four for a bachelor’s degree, Hans–even 20 is a little young to have completed a degree for most of us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heh, at first I thought it meant 5 birthdays _while_ getting the degree.

  4. andeh-pandeh says:

    That was a good one. :D

  5. Ikke Leonhardt says:

    Jack, I think someone born the 29th of February would be 25 after 5 birthdays. Unless you consider the day you’re born your first “birthday”.

  6. Ro says:

    It’s my 9th birthday today! Although I never got a degree…

  7. Anonymous says:

    What is the average age at college graduation in the USA?

  8. drew says:

    average age for graduation is 22 or 21. I’ll be 22 when i graduate in may.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ikke is incorrect – Jack is right. Not counting your actual date of birth, on your 5th birthday you will be 20. Even if you add another birthday, you’d be 24, not 25.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Close enough.

  11. Charlie says:

    I got my Indexed book today!

    It’s awesome.

  12. mrburkemath says:

    Most enter college at 17 or 18 and get their degree in 4 or 5 years, so it’d be anywhere from 21 to 23.

    Still, that’s a minor quibble. Good ‘toon.

  13. Caleb says:

    Reminds me of The Slave of Duty, born on 29 Feb and apprenticed as a pirate until his 21st birthday.
    “A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox!”

  14. Kim says:

    The toon is correct!

    Sure, 5 leap day birthdays could mean you’re 20… but you could also be 21, or 22, or 23. The most common ages for college graduation.

    You wouldn’t hit that 6th birthday until you turn 24.

  15. maggie says:

    happy birthday, ro! i just celebrated my 8th =)

  16. Jeff Lipton says:

    Someone, not born on the 2/29, has a college degree on their 5th birthday? I’d call that more than a prodigy, although I’m not sure what.

  17. Freiddie says:

    Really funny. Leap year college-students…

  18. Mike says:

    Very funny!!! But the guys are lucky who born on leap day, since they don’t have to give treat to their pals for their B’day every year. At the same time, they’ll get B’day gifts once in a four year only. LOL!
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  19. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather was born on leap year, and he celebrated his 6th birthday while in college. But he went to college (on the GI bill) later than most because he fought in WWII.

  20. bigwoodenspoon says:

    Sent this to one of my friends in college whose birthday is the 29th … he loved it. :-D