And now Baby Jesus will not stop crying.

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7 Responses to And now Baby Jesus will not stop crying.

  1. Franken Blunt says:

    This is clever nostalgia for the supposed golden era of an unvarnished Christmas, if it ever existed. What one makes of it should come from within rather than from without. Therefore, the biggest suspect is… us.

  2. gr1nc3 says:

    who ever stole it, it’s gone!!!

  3. Dave says:

    “Burglers” seems out of place.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s the School Boards. Bring Christmas back into the schools for one day. Then bring in a day to acknowledge and educate about Ramadan, Kwanza and all the other ethno/religious festivals enjoyed by each of the represented kids. This is Social Studies in my books.

  5. Prue says:

    I reckon Santa could fit into that circle of suspects too!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but to my mind the Baby Jesus has nothing to do with any of the stuff in that circle.

  7. Shan says:

    I’d add elves to that list.