What do you get away with?

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9 Responses to What do you get away with?

  1. birdhall says:

    xD I don’t understand how you can just whip these up so easily. I guess it’s how you think! Don’t change!

    And (I dunno how late I am) I’ve noticed you reusing your cards, way to go green!

  2. c011ins says:

    Isn’t casting a ballot exercising a right rather than a privilege.

    Sorry to quibble — I really love your stuff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    google gadget doesn’t show the whole index card. kind of annoying to have to click through to see it in all its glory.

  4. inzane says:

    heh, i would think fondling the stripper would be a greater show of privilege. good stuff as always =D

    collins, if you think casting a ballot is a right, try being an ex-felon in florida…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Or try being one of the thousands of immigrants in the bogged-down immigration system. People wait decades for a green card and decades more for citizenship.

  6. Cayzle says:

    Love the comic, and hate to quibble … but poll? pole? Works so much better aloud than written.

  7. Duby says:

    *Commence Post Hijacking Initiation Sequence*

    Is there any reason why rights and privileges cannot be coextensive? Imagine an index card on which there are two overlapping circles, one labeled “Rights” and one labeled “Privileges.” I’d put voting in the overlapping area. After all, look at the Merriam Webster definition of privilege:

    “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor ; especially : such a right or immunity attached specifically to a position or an office”

    Remember, most rights can be waived or taken away in various circumstances. Right to remain silent, right to an attorney, right to have your claim heard in a court of law, right to peremptorily challenge a judicial officer. (and heck, Lincoln even suspended Habeas Corpus…) Rights are also not always universal. Children lack many rights of adults, for example. So the fact that the franchise is not extended to ex-felons or non-citizens does not reduce it from its status as a “right.” (This is purely about diction-quibbling, not about policies–I don’t mean to diminish the difficulties facing ex-felons and people working through the immigration system.)

    Furthermore, you could say that the right to vote is a peculiar benefit of living in a representative democracy, i.e. a privilege. QED?

    *End Post Hijack sequence*

  8. ptfreak says:

    But stay 6 feet back… AIDS is airborne now.