Bat Boy: sick, but not viral.

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10 Responses to Bat Boy: sick, but not viral.

  1. John says:

    I think their overlap should be greater. ^_~

  2. BudhaCronX says:

    It makes me so freakin’ sad it’s gone.

  3. barbtastic says:

    let’s buy it and start our empire!!!

  4. rodrigo barba says:

    Totally true hehe. Friday is the day of freakiness.

    This blog is amazing, i check everyday =)

  5. sara says:

    I just discovered this blog through the Freakonomics blog entry about it. I have to say… I freakin LOVE ven diagrams. I reference them weekly at least. I’ll definitely be checking this blog regularly!

  6. Omodudu says:

    Amazing idea…via freakonomics…promptly added to my reader..

  7. David Wen says:

    I came upon your blog from the NY Times Freakanomics blog. I love it! And the t-shirt idea is awesome too.

  8. Chief Light Bulb says:

    So long Bat Boy and Zombie Elvis, we hardly knew ye.

  9. MG says:

    Weekly World News is GONE? Wow…next thing you’ll be telling me Jerry Springer is no more.

  10. Donut Zeke says:

    MG, your post reminded me of when I was in London and I had the choice to see either “Jerry Springer: The Musical” or “Bat Boy: The Musical.” I chose Bat Boy.