Just desserts? Or drive-thru value-meal?

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14 Responses to Just desserts? Or drive-thru value-meal?

  1. Sandra says:

    Took me a second, but I got it. Nice one :)

  2. thoughts of a blank mind says:

    nice one!!!

  3. Felinity says:

    I adore your blog – keeps my views afresh!

  4. Michael Bangert says:

    Shouldn’t the function be concave down for larger values of Courses Taken in School? I mean each extra course in school doesn’t translate into more than one extra course at dinner, right?

  5. Brad says:

    I almost feel like a snob for agreeing with this but IT. IS. SO. TRUE.

  6. A Paperback Writer says:

    Um. I’m lost on this one. Will someone please explain it to me? I just can’t see any correlation anywhere. Help.

  7. Anonymous says:

    paperback writer–
    the more highly educated (more courses taken), the fancier meals (with more courses) that you eat ;)

    love this blog!

  8. A Paperback Writer says:

    Oh. Thanks, anonymous.
    I guess the reason I didn’t get it is because in my mind there’s no correlation whatsoever. I guess I live in the wrong part of the country. (In other words, I know lots of folks with PhDs and MBAs — and I have an MSc myself — and most of them eat simply and in a healthy manner.)
    Sorry for being such a dunderhead about this one.

  9. Sam says:

    I think you missed it on this one. This is the myth that high school career counselors are feeding todays youth. College only translates into higher earnings if you learn something that is of value to somebody. Otherwise you just waste four years and end up saddled with all the student loans everyone on here seems so fond of lamenting. The horizontal axis should be “Science, Law or Medical courses taken in school”. And you should have a complimentary graph showing an inverse relationship for liberal arts courses.

    One more note to add to my rant and then I’ll get off my soapbox; If you can’t learn something useful in school then learn a trade. Trade work is highly valued right now because of a lack of skilled workers due to the exodus of young people from the trades into colleges (largely into lib arts majors) over the past 25-30 years. Spread the word.

  10. Anonymous says:

    chuckle chuckle

  11. Benxamin says:

    It took me a few seconds, too, but that’s because it’s not a correlation. In the Midwest, particularly along the I-29 corridor, those who can afford 6+ courses at restaurants, or servants to cook for them, are captains of industry, corporate farmers and the children of each. Then rank doctors, lawyers and professionals. And these owners of companies and farms? They barely have high school educations. In fact, the more learned and travelled people I know often eat less per meal.

  12. StarlingUK says:

    It’s not just about earnings, it’s also about education. People who left school at 16 are more likely to live on fish, chips, and pizza than those who have been to college, whether they earn lots of spondoolies or not.

  13. mizan says:

    It took me a few seconds, too, but that’s because it’s not a correlation……………

  14. shub says:

    it is a correlation. for me. i’m a college student! my friends and I have this “issue”, the more time we have to spend at the university, the more times we have meals in the same day. take that! college makes you a food addict.