Something has to give.

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4 Responses to Something has to give.

  1. Nea says:

    the middle circle could be IBS (Irritable Bowel Snydrome), of which I am on a intimate relationship.

    Dr. John sent me your way.

  2. daddy_phantom says:

    I think people who are discovering you recently (avid Penn Jillette listeners such as me) are missing something. I’m putting in the time to go all they way back.

    I do have to pause every so often. This one made me laugh until I cried. Thanks for the catharsis. Once I finished laughing the first time I was showing my wife, I accidentally read the title and started up again.


  3. insurance consultant phoenix says:

    Since I remember (mid 70′s) this would absolutely correct (mideast diplomacy, for sure. Not sure about the constipation for that long a time).

  4. fat girl says:


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