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13 Responses to Denial.

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. mingyeow says:

    issit just poor social skills? ;)

  3. Fletcher says:

    D: People who aren’t in group B but really, really should be. :P

  4. Jonathan says:

    D: People who are in group A but no one believes it because they can’t understand why you would choose it.

    Losing your virginity isn’t difficult; it’s having standards of who and how you want to lose it that makes it difficult. My standards involve the right woman and a wedding night. It’s both a religious choice and a personal choice to reduce the sexual baggage a lot of people bring into their relationships.

    Sex can express love, but it isn’t in itself love. People are quite capable of having sex with people they’re indifferent to, or even hate.

  5. Herman Everheart says:

    Thank you for including Subset A. We live in an age when the term “virginity” is treated with the respect due to week-old fish heads. However, I have yet to meet or hear tell of a woman who felt cheated because she was the first and only one to share her husband’s bed.

    There are a few virgins out there who are virgins by choice, because they consider it a priceless gift to be given to one person and one person alone.

    I, being one, wish to marry one.

  6. janaiha says:

    if responses to this index are any indication, the A wedge is grossly underestimated. ^_^

  7. Renee says:

    I don’t think the A wedge is underestimated..

    Rather, people who fall into the A wedge are the only ones willing to make themselves known.

  8. Houston says:

    This is taken without citing (a nice way of saying “stolen”) from a very cool video which can be found on YouTube called “Le Grande Content”.

  9. Debbie says:

    Actually Houston, it’s the other way around-, as mentioned in that link from the video maker, was thisisindexed’s old site.

  10. Bradley says:

    There seems to be an inverse correlation between how beautiful and sacred someone thinks sex is and how many people they’ve done it with.

    That would make a good Indexed graph.

  11. hamstap85 says:

    im definitely in group C :(

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to be in more than one group? Like I was in C but I admitted the truth to myself (B) and then realized maybe it wasn’t what I wanted in the first place (A).